Undecima Server is Temporarily Unavailable

Undecima is not available right now due to server problems.
Sorry for inconvenience and please try again in a few minutes.
We know about it and doing our best to get the server back online as soon as possible.

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Error on the Mayor Screen 22-03-2018 01:20
There was a bug that caused an Error Screen for players that didn't have a Mayor yet. The bug has been fixed now.
Quartermaster (Update Completed) 19-03-2018 23:31
Update for a new feature of Mayor, Quartermaster, has been completed and you can now hire a Quartermaster on your Mayor's screen. You can read more in this thread.
New Feature of Mayor - Quartermaster 19-03-2018 01:46
A new feature of Mayor - Quartermaster - is coming soon. Quartermaster can dismiss your Mercenaries after they return home after completing a mission. You can read more in this thread.
Undecima is back Online 17-03-2018 00:26
Transition has been successfully completed and Undecima is back online!
Getting back Online 16-03-2018 01:22
Transition was fast and smooth and Undecima will be back online earlier than expected - on 16-Mar-2018 23:58 (Undecima Time - UTC+12). Undecima Forum is already up and running :)
Moving to a new Server (update) 15-03-2018 23:59
Undecima is in transition to a new server now and will be back in a couple of days. You can check Facebook for updates while the game is offline.
Moving to a new Server (update) 14-03-2018 22:14
Undecima is going offline tomorrow at around 23:59 (Undecima Time) for about 2-3 days to move to a new (and more powerful) server. You can check Facebook for updates while the game is offline.
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